Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Miracle Nikki Wind Abyss Adventure

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1. You got two holiday vouchers to the Wasteland at the clothing store's promotions, but the destination was never heard of. You will.
a. Explained and invited Nikki to go the Welton.   32%
b. Some new clothes can be collected. Lets go! 41%
c. You can change the destination of holiday ticket.
d. You threw your holiday vouchers in the trash can.

2. People in Blue Sky tribe warmly received you. A mysterious witch has stopped you and want to tell you the fate, you will:
a. Just kidding, refused to her divination request. 13%
b. Ask her the ways to get rare items. 45%
c. After taking photos, asked her for the divination.
d. The witch's clothes look very good.

3. The witch's divination shows that if you continue this journey to the Welton, you may be in danger! You will:
a. Just continue your journey. 32%
b. Hurry to book tickets, go back to the main story. 32%
c. Ask her if there is any way to change the fate. 34o
d. The Scenery of Welton is pretty beautiful. 14%

4. After saying goodbye to the witch, you see a Griffin. The Griffin told you not to worry about the divination and would like to take you to the Welton. You will:
a. Iwant to ride Griffin for the adventure. 22%
b. Remember the given result, but refused the invitation. 15%
c. Take a picture on the Griffin and get down.
d. Although I was scared, I decide not to give up. 50%
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